TLC Black Cars (FHVs) Retirement Schedule

Question: Which model year car i can rgister with TLC and when i have to change/upgrade my TLC car?

  1. If you have 2013 model year or newer car: You can register your car with TLC and drive it untill it fails TLC inspection. 
  2. If you have 2012 model year or older car: You can register your car with TLC and drive it for 7 years. If your car fails inspection during those 7 years then you have to retire the car. 

The Commission established retirement requirements for Black Cars in 2008, with the purpose of improving vehicle quality and service in the Black Car industry.  However, experience has shown that Black Car customers, who can choose among competing bases and, in many cases, even specify the type of vehicle they prefer, have substantial power to determine vehicle quality.  In contrast to yellow taxi service, where passengers do not preselect a taxi company or a vehicle model, Black Car services range from “no frills” companies to those which offer high-end service.  Black Car customers in some cases even pay a premium for a newer or higher-quality vehicle.  There is no single operational model in the Black Car industry, and applying a single vehicle retirement schedule for all companies is unnecessary due to existing market incentives to replace vehicles at a rate which satisfies customer demand. 

Therefore, TLC is removing the retirement requirement for Black Cars beginning with model year 2013. 

For Black Cars model year 2012 and older, TLC has adopted a uniform seven-year vehicle retirement.  TLC will continue to require the removal from service those vehicles that, regardless of their retirement date, fail to pass TLC’s safety and emission inspections.