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How to Delete a File From a Shared Folder to the Recycle Bin;. The device name will disappear from the i - Tunes source list. When done, return for a "i - Tunes" window; the i - Tunes Store must be open. All you need could be the i - Tunes program and a credit card. The Recently Added choices found within the rules list when making a smart playlist, according to Tony Bove and Cheryl Rhodes, authors of "i - Pod & i - Tunes For Dummies. Click about the name for your i - Pod under the Devices category around the left hand side with the screen. Drag the "i - Tunes Music" folder from your external hard disk to the Music folder on your Mac or PC. To fix the situation, you only have to sync your whole body clock. ITunes will automatically add the file for the i - Tunes Ringtones folder inside the i - Tunes Music Library. Maybe you employ an i - Pod shuffle when you try to the gym, and an i - Pod touch if you commute.